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Everything inside a building that makes it safe and comfortable to be in is enabled by these services, and they are the source of what makes buildings come to life. This is a big undertaking that has a major impact on buildings as much as the people and the environments in and around them.

Building services keep people safe and contribute to everyone’s well-being. They create controlled environments that help people to be productive. But they are also a major contributor to the world’s carbon emissions and to climate change. The energy used to power our buildings are consuming the planet’s resources and have an effect on sustainability. Yet building services are an essential part of modern-day buildings that we can’t do without. Designing buildings that are efficient and with sustainable materials is vital for the future of our planet.

Getting the right balance between what’s responsible and practicable is crucial for these services to operate correctly, and to create environments within buildings that function effectively.

Building services can have a significant influence on the architecture of a building and play a role on their sustainability and energy demand. It is crucial that building services are engineered to include operational cost and on the whole-life cost of maintenance.

We design building services to integrate with the fabric and structure of buildings to make efficient and controlled environments as simple as flicking a switch, turning a tap on or setting the temperature on a thermostat. We believe this allows people who use the space to understand and work to improve the buildings performance for the long term.

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It is natural to ignore the importance of a building’s mechanical and electrical services. After all, they are a part of everyday modern life which everyone could take for granted. Yet when you consider what their function provides, they are responsible for a lot more than you might first think.


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Among other electrical services, we design power distribution, fire protection and lighting systems.

Our Design Services


We install all types of electrical & mechanical systems, from lighting to Building Management Systems.

Our Installation Services


We commission a wide variety of briefs; from validation & management through to BREEAM & HVACR.

Our Commissioning Services


We ensure that your buildings and your infrastructure remain completely safe, compliant and productive.

Our Maintenance Services


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